ARS Academy – the educational institution of ARS Altmann AG


The ARS Academy is the certified educational institution of ARS Altmann AG and ensures that all employees of ARS Altmann AG and its subsidiaries are always up to date with regard to efficiency, performance and quality. In addition, we also offer external participants the opportunity to benefit from our wide range of training opportunities. For more than 40 years, ARS Altmann AG has covered the entire range of high-quality services in the field of automotive logistics and thus has enormous know-how that we can pass on in practice-oriented seminars.

The perfectly trained specialist staff of ARS Altmann AG is a guarantee for satisfied customers, which is why the training and further education of the employees is very important to the company. For this reason, the idea arose to found a company academy and to take over the continuous qualification of the employees themselves. With the aim of ensuring a consistently high level of quality in our services, we have therefore been training existing and new personnel at our ARS Academy since the spring of 2018. 

Our locations


We currently offer seminars and training courses at the following locations:

  • Rohrbach near Wolnzach
  • Klitschmar
  • Krefeld