Training of professionals for future professionals


The tasks of a professional driver in automotive logistics are very multifaceted and require a corresponding basic qualification as well as regular further training measures: In addition to taking over, loading and unloading and handing over finished vehicles, proper load securing during transport, a check for damage-free operation and the associated documentation in the freight documents are part of daily business. Drivers must comply with numerous legal requirements and aspects of quality assurance, work particularly carefully due to the valuable load and also take into account the time and loading factor. At the ARS Academy we want to ensure that new drivers receive the necessary training to cover all relevant aspects.

Perfect combination of theory and practice


We attach great importance to a practice-oriented qualification, which we achieve through a sensible combination of theory and practical application. In addition, occupational safety is an important aspect, especially during loading and unloading, to which we devote appropriate attention during training.

Qualified instructors from the world of practice impart specialist know-how and intensive practical exercises with the ARS Academy’s own training truck to drivers with or without experience in car transporters to ensure correct handling of the vehicle.

After an intensive training phase of 4-6 weeks – depending on previous knowledge – the new drivers are ready for the road.